Throwing star bisquits for a ninja party

No ninjas without throwing stars and no ninja-parties without throwing star bisquits!

You can make bisquit thowing stars with shortcrust-dough (it keeps it’s shape), templates, cocaopowder, black icing color and black glaze.
Shortcrust dough usually consist of wheat flour, butter, regular sugar/ icing sugar and egg, all mixed together.
Add a bit of cocoapowder and some black icing color to the dough to make it darker and more ninja-like, and leave it a cool place for a while before making the bisquits.

Roll out the dough between two pieces of baking paper, place the throwing star template/templates on it and cut out the dough with a sharp knife. Remove excess dough and bake the bisquits.
Some shortcrust-doughs are quite fragile, thats why there are three templates. One with thin tips (for solid dough) and two a little bigger (for more fragile dough).

Let the throwing stars cool before decorating them with black colored glaze.
You can put the glaze into a cornet, so it’s easier to make accurate decorations.
Let the throwing star bisquits dry and then they’re ready to serve.
The bisquits can be made some days in advance, if they are stored dry and airtight.
Find the template here.

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