Pierogi figures for a diving-theme party

Pierogi fish for a diving partyAre you making a birthday party with a diving or underwater theme, an idea for food could be pierogis in fun shapes, that fits the theme.

Pierogi fish for a diving partyEither you and the family can make them the day before -or, if there’s not too many kids at the party, the kids can make their own. But, if you choose that the kids make their own, then start the party with making them, because they have to rise and bake for a while 🙂

Pierogi fish for a diving partyHow to do it:
Prepare some different fillings, there are many options, like:
-classic pizza filling with cheese, tomato and ham (usually quite popular among kids)
-meat sauce and cheese
-spinach and feta-cheese (make it really creamy, so it doesn’t get dry)
-spicy potatoes and vegetables
(google also has a LOT of suggestions -both for fillings and dough-recipes 😉 )

Pierogi octopus for a diving partyMake some pierogi-dough, divide it into portions and knead some icing color into each portion.
Roll the dough, so it’s THIN (they rise a lot and gets dry, if the dough isn’t thin). Then you can cut the dough into shapes, put some filling on it and put more thin-rolled dough on top, before pressing the edges together with a fork. Decorate it with dough in other colors, and you can make fins or octopus-arms.
For eyes black olives are great -just cut them in half. They are easy to use and gives a fun look -so it’s either a fish that’s looking or a dead one.

Let the pierogi rise, brush them before baking them and serve them warm.
If the pierogi are made a day in advance, you can heat them a bit in the oven 🙂

There a lots of possibilities for making fun figures and animals, e.g. fish, sharks, seashells, octopussi, seaweed, shark-eggs, starfish etc. The only limit is your imagination 🙂

Pierogi figures for a diving partyIf you’re making them by yourself, then seashells are easy to make -roll out a circle of pierogi-dough, put filling on half of it, fold the other half over it and press the edges together with a fork. You can add eyes if you want 🙂

Set the table with a blue tablecloth and decorate with (washed and cleaned) seashells and conch.
You can also easily make “seaweed” by letting green ribbons hang down from the ceiling 🙂

Pierogi figures for a diving party

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