New Years Eve drink for kids

New Years Eve is approaching fast, with all of the parties and champagne.
But, what should the kids drink? Personally I think champagne for kids tastes awful and I don’t want for serve it to my daughter.

Instead I plan to serve a drink for kids, that I had when I lived in Nigeria as a child.
When we lived there we would sometimes go to a big city (we lived in a small village) and visit a restaurant, where we had a drink for kids, that they called a chapman. For my brother and I it was just pure happiness, when those big glasses with chapman came on the table. It was so delicious and when we had them the family was together and had fun. I still get really happy when I have this drink 🙂

So I want to make it on New Years Eve, so my daughter (and myself) can get one.
If you’re also in need of a delicious New Years Eve drink for kids, the recipe is here:

Drink for kids called a chapman

  • Orange juice
  • Sprite
  • a bit of blackcurrant juice
  • melon
  • e.g cucumber
  • slices of orange
  • ice cubes

Put the ice cubes in the glasses. Mix equal amounts of orange juice and Sprite in each glass and add small pieces of cucumber and melon.
Decorate the glasses with slices of orange and cucumber. Then blackcurrant juice is added very gently, so it lays on the bottom of the glass.
Serve these kids drinks with colorful straws.

Bon appetite and happy New Year!

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