A heads up on some changes

The past month has been quite busy. Everything is still quite new to me, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it all and learning how to do it.
And I’ve been working on an exam project about this site (thought that I might as well make the exam project into something useful). I have written about the content, my visions for the site, filmed, made tests, etc.
The tests showed me, that to make a better navigation -and a better structure of the content, I would have to do it another way.
So I’ll make smaller blogposts, with just one birthday party idea at the time -and then a page called “Birthday parties”, where everything for a theme party is collected and in order.
This way, I can make more blogposts (and hopefully faster) and I hope it will make it easier to find your way around the ideas 🙂
But, in the beginning I might have to make some blogposts about some stuff that has already been on the site (I still have a lot of exam stuff to work on), so if you’ve been following, I hope you’ll forgive me for showing something you might already have seen.
My plan is to have about 30 theme parties in total and blogs about them, and blogs about lots of other parenting related things & creative fun, that I hope will give you lots of inspiration, advice and fun!

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