Ketchupbottles and pancakes = funcakes

Funcake-pancake sunYou might be thinking “what’s the link between ketchup-bottles and pancakes?” and what is a “funcake?”.

Funcake-pancake ketchup-bottlesKetchup bottles are super good for making decorative pancakes, and since these pancakes looks fun and are fun to make, we call them funcakes in our home 🙂

It’s a fun and nice activity to make with your kids, but be sure you are present when they make them so you can make sure that they don’t get burned on the frying pan!

This is how you do it:
Save your empty ketchup bottles (the ones that are standing upside-down) and wash them REALLY well!

Funcake-pancakeMake a lot of pancake-dough, put some of it in a ketchup-bottle along with some icing color and stir it together with a spoon, before putting the lid back on the bottle.

Make as many different colors as you want (depending on the amount of ketchup bottles you have), but save a bit of dough in a bowl.

Funcake-pancake colorWarm up a frying pan and use a bottle to “draw” figures on the frying pan, using one or more colors.

Finish it by putting a bit of dough from the bowl on top, it fills in holes and make everything stick together a bit better.


Kids are awesome at coming up with ideas for simple figures to draw. The figures should be quite simple, so they’re quick to draw.

Funcake-pancake carFuncake-figure-inspiration:

Make all the funcake art-pieces you want and enjoy eating them 🙂

Funcake-pancake car

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