Fairy wands

fairy wandMake your own cute magic fairy wands 😀

You’ll need some shortcrust-dough (it keeps it’s shape), perhaps some templates, glaze, icing colors and some colored sugar.

fairy wandShortcrust dough usually consist of wheat flour, butter, regular sugar/ icing sugar and egg, mixed well together. Let it rest in a cool place for a while before you use it.

Roll out the dough between two pieces of baking paper so it’s a little less than 0,3 inch thick.
Remove the baking paper on top, place the templates and cut out the dough with a sharp knife. Remove excess dough, bake the fairy wands and let them cool off.

Decorate the wands with glaze and add the sprinkels before it dries. Let them dry completely and they are ready to serve. Be VERY careful, because they can be quite fragile.
The fairy wands can be made some days in advance, if they are stored dry and airtight.

You can find templates here -there are three different designs on the same file.

fairy wands

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