Fairy-flowercake with nice marzipanflowers

Make a beautiful fairy-flowercake for a fairy themed birthday party.

Fairy-flowercake for a fairy birthday party

The flowers for the fairy-flowercake are made of lollipops and marzipan. Fairy-flowercake for a fairy birthday party
They should be made a day in advance so they can dry a little and become more solid.
And the birthday child can easily join the flower making process 😉
Place the flowers on the fairy-flowercake just before it’s served, because they can be a little fragile and can break if they are standing on the cake for a long time.

I used light cake dough (with green icing color in it) and some premade vanilla cake mousse. You can just use cake mix for the cake, if you want to make it easier on yourself 😉

See the whole step by step guide here, if you want to see it all 😉
Enjoy 😀

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Fairy flowercake

If you want to make some chocolate butterflies for the cake, the tutorial is here

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