Easy to make – island buns for a pirate party

Are you making a pirate-themed birthday party and need something fun to serve for the kids?Island buns for pirate themed birthday parties

Then you can make treasure island buns. They’re pretty easy to make and taste great.
Here’s how you make them 🙂

You’ll need:
-buns (homebaked or bought)
-green glaze
-candy that can be a palmtree trunk
-green fondant for palm leaves
-red fondant for crosses (or red glaze in a tube)

First you cut out the palmtree candy, so the lenght fits the buns and then you stick the candy into the buns. (it can be a good idea to cut a small hole first)
Put thick green graze around the “palmtrees” and let it dry (the glaze glues it together).
Make small crosses of red fondant at stick them into the glaze.
Roll out the green fondant and cut out some leaf shapes.
Stick toothpicks horisontal into the top of the palmtree candy, so they can support the leaves.
Put glaze on top of the palmtree and place the leaves on the toothpicks, the glaze will again glue it.
They islands buns can be combined with a treasure hunt by hiding parts of a treasuremap or clues in the buns (wrap the map/clues in baking paper and put them inside the buns before baking them).

To make it extra cool, then place the treasure island buns different places on a water-blue table cloth when they are served. You can also put a plastic pirate ship between them if you have one 😉

Do you need more ideas for a pirate themed party or just some cool invitations, them look at this page 🙂

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