Easy to make butterfly antennas for a butterfly birthdayparty

A super easy activity for a butterfly-themed birthdayparty is to make antennas.
The only things you need are hairbands, some pretty pipe cleaners and some plastic pearls with big holes. This activity is also very easy to prepare and clean up after.
The kids can easily make the butterfly antennas themselves, then can be made in MANY different ways/designs and they look really beautiful 😀

We made them for Philomenas birthday party and it was a huge succes -the kids thought it was really fun to make and they proudly wore their butterfly antennas afterwards.

I bought the hairbands, pipe cleaners and pearls in shops with cheap hobby products. Remember that the pearls have to be made of plastic, else they’ll be to heavy for the pipe cleaners and just hang down. Also they have to have big holes, so that the pipe cleaners can fit through.

You can see the guide (there are 5 slides) and if you need ideas and inspiration for making a unique and fun butterfly-themed birthday party, you can look here.
Enjoy 😀

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Antenna guide


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