Easy fairy-sandwiches

Fairy sandwichesIf you’re hosting a fairy-themed birthdayparty then small fairy-sandwiches are super easy to make 🙂

You’ll need:
-whatever you want in the sandwiches, e.g. ham, cheese, salmon, tuna mousse, cucumber, salad, creamcheese, eggsalad etc.
-one or more cookie cutters in different shapes
-perhaps some berries, pieces of fruit, cherry tomatoes etc. for eating and decoration.

Make some sandwiches, perhaps some different ones, so there are a bit to choose from. “Cut” them out with the cookie cutters and put toothpicks in them -to hold them together and so they are easy to pick up.

Place the fairy-sandwiches on one or more diches or plates and decorate them with salad. You can also put cherry tomatoes, berries or fruit pieces with toothpicks in them on the plates.
And now the fairy-sandwiches are ready to be served 🙂


Fairy sandwiches

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