Croods -a great family movie!

Croods_posterIt’s friday and I felt like doing something completely different than I normally do. I want to tell about one of my favorite movies: Croods!

Everyone who knows me, knows that i LOVE animated movies. Maybe it’s because I always loved to draw, or because everything is possible in animations -I don’t know why I love them, I just always did.
One of the movies I like the most is Croods -a movie I think everyone should watch 🙂

Croods is about a stoneage family, who reluctantly runs away from what they belive is the end of the world and the movie is about what they experience on their journey.
The movie focuses a lot on the relationship between the main character Eep, who is a teenage girl and her father Grug.
Grug is in particular not very happy about the teenage boy Guy, that Eep is quite fond of (even though she starts out believing he is a warthog).

Croods is a really funny movie, both in the scenes, in the lines they say and in the relationship between the characters -e.g. Grugs disappointed grunts every time the finds out his mother in law is still alive (even though he’s deep down quite happy about it).
Technically the movie is amazingly well made, I saw it at the cinema and completely fell in love with the nature in it. There are amazing nature scenes in many different types of (perhaps not completely realistic) nature and the people behind the movie has invented a lot of fun and remarkable animals, that the family meets on their journey.

But one of the things I like the most about the movie is the fact that it’s not about a war between good and evil, princes & prinsesses or big battles, but it’s more about relationships, families, weird ways of showing love, ways to live and view life and personal growth -all of it makes it stand out from a lot of other movies, in a really great way!

If you want to chill on the couch with your family, some popcorn and a great movie I would definately recommend this one -in Denmark it’s allowed for all to see (but it’s not recommended for children under 7).
Have fun 😉




Croods is made by Dreamworks and therefore all rights belongs to them 🙂

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