Cool treasure chest invitation for a pirate-themed birthday party

Pirate_Invitation_SilverSkullIf you’re making a pirate-themed birthday party for your child, you can use these treasure chest invitations 🙂

The invitation looks like a treasure chest, and the text can be written inside it.
You could write:
“Arrh Pirates of third grade
Set the sails, put on your pirate clothes, find your (plastic) saber and come to a cool pirate party at the pirate island on __day at __ pm to __ pm.
Treasure chest invitation for a pirate-themed birthday partyAnchor your ship at ____________road/ street, coz here be the pirate island!
We will eat tasty pirate food, drink lots of rum (juice/ soda) try to find the hidden treasure”

The invitations are downloads, so you get the invitation right away.
Follow the product recommendations and print it out, then you and the birthday child can cut them out and write on them.
For dramatic effect you can use a dark red, bloodcolored pen or a gold-colored one if you want it to be more like a treasure.
Find all four invitations here


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