Colorful and easy rainbow-buns

Are you making a colorful color-paint-birthdayparty?Rainbow buns for a colorful birthday party
Or do you just want to make a fun & tasty little thing with your children?
Rainbow-buns are easy to make and the kids can help out almost as much as they want!

The only thing you need is your favorite bun-recipe and some gel-colors (I used some from Wilton).
If you wan’t to make more than one color, the easiest thing is to divide it into several bowls and have one color in one bowl -you can divide your recipe and make half a portion in each bowl.rainbow buns for a colorful birthday party
Mix all the wet ingredients together and add a bit of color -the adult should do that, then the kids kan stir it together 🙂

Add flour etc. as you normally do and make some buns -with one color or more colors.
The kids can also make figures of the dough, as long as the “buns” are about the same size, so they’ll bake the same amount of time.
Bake them and serve 😉
If you’re making a colorful color-paint birthday party, you can find ideas and inspiration on this page.

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