Clothes and (dis)-order

”Nooooooo” you think and give a deep sigh, when you see all the kids clothes laying all over the floor AGAIN, because it was fun to try it all and play dress up. It’s WONDERFUL that the kid plays and have fun, but afterwards it would be nice to be able to see the floor again.

Later You kindly ask the kid to help out with putting it all back in place, but the clothes ends up a lot of weird places, so it would actually be easier if you just did it yourself, especially if you want to be able to find some of it again.

This was an everyday occurrence it our place, when Philomena was 3-4 years old. Philomena loved playing dress up, even in her normal clothes and in a few minutes the floor was filled with a big hodgepodge of clean and dirty clothes. And she couldn’t put it back in place, because she didn’t know what was supposed to be where.

At last I had enough and bought a pile of boxes. Each box got a label with a picture of the clothes that was supposed to be in the box. She helped draw the pictures herself and we talked about what kind of clothes it was a picture of.

As with everything else in life, she needed a bit of time to learn it. But now she knows where everything is supposed to be and we have done the laundry, she often helps with sorting and folding the clothes, before she puts everything in place. And of course she still plays dress up a lot 😀


If you’re also losing your mind because of messy clothes everywhere, I have made labels you can use the same way –they are ready to print and apply.
There are for boys clothes, girls clothes and both are both in colors or black & white, that you or your child can decorate.
Find all of them here.
I hope this can help you (and your child) to get a bit easier life

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