Chocolate seashells with pearls

Chocolate seashells guideFor her last birthday, Philomena wanted an ocean themed birthday party.

So we started brainstorming on what they could do and what they could eat -and came up with these chocolate seashell snacks 🙂

Chocolate seashells guideIf you also want to try, you’ll need these things:

  • white chocolate or candy melts ( we used candy melts because we had som that was really white, and that was what we wanted – use whatever you want to and remember that you can color it with a bit of icing color 😉 )
  • seashell shaped cake tins, spatula/ spoon and a pastry brush
  • cocoabutter powder
  • round candy, that looks like pearls (we used chewing gum and some danish licorice candy)

Chocolate seashells guideStart out with melting a bit of cocoabutter powder and use it to brush your cake tins, so the chocolate doesn’t get stuck..

Then you melt some of your chocolate (not it all) and put it into the cake tins with a spatula, spoon or whatever works for you 🙂
Let it set/ dry.

Chocolate seashells guideWhen they are completely dry, you carefully take the seashells out of the cake tins.
Then you melt a little more chocolate (we gave it a bit of icing color).

Chocolate seashells guidePlace the shells so they “face” each other ( I placed them in some other cake tins for bread) and put a bit of chocolate inside dem, so it “glues” the pieces together.
Place the “pearls” before the chocolate solidifies completely.

Place the chocolate seashells on a dish and serve 😉

(Yes, they can easily be made a few days in advance, just store them dry and cool -and out of reach from chocolate craving people  🙂  )

* Btw Candy melts is a kind of chocolate, thats quite sweet and can be melted in the microwawe. It can be a little tricky to make it liquid, but add some cocoabutter powder, it makes it a lot easier 😉

Chocolate seashells guide

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