Canonball buns for a pirate party

Are you making a pirate themed birthday party and need an easy way to make the food fun and make an atmosphere, canonball buns are an easy solution.
It’s just regular buns, that had some black icing color.

Easy to make canonball buns for a pirate themed birthday party

You can’t taste the color, but the canonball buns looks really cool and tastes great!

Just take your favorite bun-recipe and mix all the wet ingredients together and add the color, before mixing in the dry ingredients.
Knead it together and form round buns.
Bake the canonball buns and serve them warm -e.g on an old wooden draughtboard, that makes it look extra cool.
If the kids are going on a treasurehunt, you can also wrap parts of the treasure map into baking paper and put it into the canonball buns before they are baked.
Then the kids can unwrap them, put them together and go on a treasure hunt 🙂

(I used black icing color from Wilton)
If you need more ideas and inspiration for making a pirate themed birthday party, then look here.

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