Bye bye GROW -hello new future

Before Christmas I wrote that I had an exam in social media and that I because of that, would make a lot of posts in a month. Now the exam is done, the graduation is on friday and I’ll have to look for a job.
Friday is also the last day I can use the office-facilities called GROW, where I’ve been working since August. GROW is an office where you can apply for a desk and it’s part of the place I study.

My locker at the GROW officeIt’s been so amazing to sit here and create something that I really wanted to do, something I think is fun & exiting and something that has taught me so much, that it feels like it’s been three years and not just 6 months. I’ve felt so incredibly lucky & privileged to have this oppurtunity, so it feels really sad that I have to say goodbye. (the picture is my locker at GROW, that has contained all my stuff -and a lot of hot chocolate powder) 🙂

But, to make so many blogs/ posts that I’ve done the last month is just to much, so I plan on cutting it down a lot and instead try to make two a week. I’d rather make a few good ones, that a lot that gets bad!
I have 2-3000 photos, video-clips etc. prepared, so I hope that I can put some of it together once in a while and make a blogpost -because I still have lots of ideas for birthday parties and other things related to children & families 😉
I hope you’ll still follow and that it will give you some fun & inspiration 🙂
Meanwhile I’ll say goodbye to GROW and start looking for jobs where I can use all the cool things making Yaraya has taught me -and hopefully make a blog or two now and then 😉

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