Princess party

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Here are ideas to how you can make a fine princess party.

As invitation you can hand out beautiful princess crowns with the invitation text inside.
If you tie it together with a nice ribbon, it’s easy to open them up and read it.
You can write this:
“Lovely Princesses of fourth grade
Find your prettiest dress and come to a princess party at the castle at xx from xx pm to xx pm.
Here we will make lovely cakes, eat delicious food and dance.
Lots of love from xx”

At the party you can print more crowns, glue them and put an elastic band in them, so all the kids can wear a nice crown. See all the crowns here.

Princess biscuits:
Princess biscuits are delicious and a fun activity for the kids.
Bake the biscuits a couple of days in advance and let the kids decorate them as they want.
Find templates here.

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Princess biscuits

Princess birthday cake:
Either you can make a big birthday cake and serve, or make a lot of small cake bases and let the kids make their own. Cake bases are quite easy and quick to make, so it’s fast to do on the day of the party, before the kids arrive.
Remind the kids to wash their hands before they start, make sure the tablecloth can be washed and you can let them make their cake on a paper plate, then they can take it home if they can’t eat it all.
You can put a limit on the amount of bases they are allowed to use, because they can easily make really big cakes.

Princess birthday cake

Princess pizza:
If you want to make some food, you can make crown-shaped princess-pizzas.
The template can be found here.

Princess pizza


If it should be a “real” princess party with fine manners, the princesses can play fine ladies and practice nive manners like making a curtsey, drink tea with pointy little fingers and dancing. Princess_Big

You can also make a quiz about differnt princesses from fairytales and cartoons, eg:
-who lost her glass shoe on a staircase? (Cinderella)
-what is the name of the Sleeping Beauty princess? (Aurora)
-what are the names of Snow Whites seven friends? (Doc, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy og Dopey)
-whats speciel about Rapunzels hair? (it’s VERY long -and can heal in the Disney version)
-what are the names of Ariels three animal friends? (Flounder, Scuttle & Sebastian)
-who is Fionas husband? (Shrek)
-what kind of pet does Jasmin have? (a tiger named Rajah)
-what is Merida totally good at? (archery)
-where does Pocahontas go to seek advice? (to Grandmother Willow)
-which princess has magic powers? (Elsa)
-who’s friend is a snowman? (Anna)

The kids can also draw themselves as princesses with different skills and abilities, like one who is sweet, one that’s funny, a pretty one, a cool one, a brave one, one who can do magic or whatever you want to do 🙂