Pirate party

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Make a cool pirate party for awesome pirates!

As invitation you can use a cool “treasure chest” and write inside it.
You can write:
“Arrh Pirates
Set the sails, find your (plastic) saber and come to a cool pirate party at the pirate island on xxxday at xx pm to xx pm.
We will eat tasty pirate food, drink lots of rum (juice/ soda) try to find the hidden treasure”
See all the cool invitation here

Canonball buns:
Serve cool canonball buns -it’s just regular bun dough colored with black icing color.
To make it extra cool they can be served on an old wooden draughtboard.

Treasure island buns:Island_bun
Else you can make treasure island buns.
Buy or make some buns, stik some palm-like candy in it and put green glaze around it. The palm leaves are made of green fondant in “leaf”-shapes, that are put in place with toothpicks and glaze.
They can be combined with a treasurehunt by hiding parts of a treasuremap or clues in the buns (wrap the map/clues in baking paper and put them inside the buns before baking them).

Treasure chest cakes:
You can make super cool treasure chest cakes a day or two in advance and fill them with goldcoins (made of chocolate) or other types of candy that looks like something from a treasure.

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Treasure chest cakes

Make a pirate-atmosphere by dressing up as pirates and taking like pirates.
You can call all beverages RUM (should be said loud with a pirate accent) and put on some pirate-themed music.
As a snack you can serve pomegranate, because they look like rubys. But serve them outside, since they can be quite messy.

No treasure hunt without a cool map! It’s quite easy to make a cool one.
Two different guides to making one, is on the way!

A treasure hunt can be a bit tricky to make, but it doesn’t have to be that hard.
The easiest is to make it outside, in a garden or on a playground.
Task ideas:
-dig for gold in a sand box (paint some rocks with gold paint before hand and bury them)
-use monkey bars to get over a swamp (if you have access to a climbing frame)
-make a pirate song or battle cry
-make a pirate flag (help each other with a big one or make one each)
-make an eye patch to wear (just use a piece of fabric and some string)
-hear stories of real pirates, like Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Mary Read and Anne Bonny.
-the kids can help each other to come up with cool pirate names.
-come up with cool pirate names for each kid, they can help each other.
-fold a pirate hat out of newspapers.
-play the floor is lava
-make riddles, that needs to be solved to get the next part of the map
-if the treasure is divided into portions for each kid, you can put names on them. Switch the letters in the names around and tell them it’s a riddle. They have to find their own, since it’s poisonous to eat the wrong one!