Knight party

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Would a party for noble and cool knights be something for you?
Here is inspiration, so you can see how you can do it.

What could be better as an invitation than a letter that looks like it comes from a king.

You could write:
“Honorable knights of fifth grade
Grab thy (plastic) sword and come to a party at the castle on xx at xx pm to xx pm.
Here You will be rewarded with a dragon-meal feast, and afterwards we will make shields for all of us.
Noble nods from xx”

Find the invitations here

Stuffed dragonscales:
Noble knights should get good food for their noble deeds.
You can serve delicious stuffed dragonscales (pita bread) with different fillings.
Pita bread tastes the best when they are newly baked, therefore it can be quite practical to be two adults, so one can look after the kids while the other one bakes.

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Stuffed dragon scales

Dragon eggs:
Dragon eggs are delicious, they are easy to make and can be made some days in advance, if they are stored dry and cool.

Dragon eggs

Dragon nest cake:
Here is a guide to easily make a really cool dragon nest cake with lots of gold. The cake can be made the day before the party, if it’s stored cool and dry. Then you don’t have to do anything else than put it on the table at the party 🙂

Dragon-nest cake


Cool shields:
A noble knight should have a cool shiels. It’s quite easy to make and it’s very cheap.
Here you can see how to do it and see all Yarayas shield designs here

Shield guide