Color-paint party

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Do your child love colors?Invitation_Palette
Then a color-paint party might be an idea. Here’s inspiration for food and activities.

Use a beautiful palette or perhaps a colourful rainbow as an invitation.
You could write:
“Dear artist of fourth grade
Clothe yourself in your best painting outfit and come to a colorful birthdayparty at xx Invitation_Rainbowfrom xxpm to xx pm.
We’ll be painting, dancing and eating delicious, colorful food.
Colorful greetings from xx”

Find the invitations here

Rainbowbuns: (can be made in advance and perhaps frozen)
A newly baked bun with butter ( and perhaps a bit of chocolate or jam) tastes delicious and it’s easy to put a bit of icing color in the dough and make buns in lots of colors.
You can make them a day in advance and warm them before serving them.

rainbow buns for a colorful birthday party         Rainbow buns for a colorful birthday party

Rainbowcake: (can be made a day in advance)
Bake the cake-bases in different colors with icing color and put some delicious cream between them.
Cover the cake with cream and decorate it with smarties, skittles or whatever you like. If the cream can stand one night before getting served, the cake can be made the day before the party, so it only has to be served.


Palettes: (can be made in advance)
Make a biscuit dough that doesn’t rise, perhaps shortcrust. Roll it thin, place the template and cut out the palettes with a sharp knife. Remove excess dough and bake them.
Let them cool off and decorate them with “paint” made with colored glaze.
Brushes can be made by cutting candy (like on the picture) i two pieces and removing a bit of the stuff in the middle. Form brush-pair with shoe-lace candy and put it inside the hole. You can “glue” it with a bit of glaze.


If you need a template for the palettes, look here.

If the weather is nice, you can color with chalk on the sidewalk or you can easily make some pennants to dance around with outside.

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Pennant guide

If the weather is cold and it would be more appealing to stay inside, you can paint.
Many stores have small, cheap canvasses, paint and brushes, so the kids can make their own little painting.
You can easily make a palette by putting a cover from a box in a small plastikbag and tape it on the back so it sticks.
Now the paint only gets on the plastic bag and when the kids are done painting, you just take off the plasticbag and throw it out.

If you need to protect the childrens clothes, it’s easy to take big plastic bags (for garbage) and make a hole in the bottom for the head and one for each arm, then it can be worn as an apron.
Remenber adult supervision for this, since plasticbag are not toys!
If you don’t want to use regular paint, you can use oil colors, crayons or felt pens.