Butterfly party

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Would a butterfly party be something for you?
The kids can make cool butterflywings, beautiful antennas, eat delicious fruits and sweet flowers and drink refreshing nectar.Butterfly3_Pink

You can print invitations from this site.
You can write:
“Adorable butterflies in third grade
Come to a butterflyparty the xx at xx pm to xx pm, where we will make beautiful wings, drink nectar and eat tasty flowers
Lots of fluttering hugs from xx”
See all invitations here

Butterfly2_PinkYellow      Butterfly1_Blue

Nectar drinks is delicious juice  er lækkert juice that look good, it’s easy and tasty!Nektar

You’ll need:

Delicious juice
Melon or other kids of fruit (you have to be able to cut out figures from it)
Nice glasses and straws

Slice the melon and cut out figures with the cake-cutters
Pour juice in the glasses, put the fruit figures on the straws and place them in the juice.
Serve 🙂

Pep up your party with nice (and delicious) meringue flowers. They are easy to make, but have to bake for a long time, luckily they can be made a week in advance if they are stored dry and airtight.

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Meringue flowers

Fruitdish with chocolatebutterflies:
You can also make a delicious, beautiful and tasty fruitdish with the most beautiful chocolate butterflies.
The butterflies can be made a week in advance, so you only have to cut out the fruit and place it nicely on the day of the party.
The template for the butterflies is here

Chocolate butterfly wings

The kids can easily make their own butterfly antennas, it’s a fun activity and easy to prepare.

Antenna guide

The kids can also decorate their own beautiful butterflywings.
These wings you prepare in advance and perhaps give them a primer, then the kids can decorate them with other colors of paint and glitterglue.
Templates can be bought on this site.
Find the templates here

Paint yourself wings