Birthday parties are GREAT!

It might not always be obvious, but it’s GREAT to make a birthday party for kids!
-yes, it can also be hard, chaotic and hard to cope with, but the joys definitely make up for it.

But whats so great about it?
Many things, but first of all you are celebrating YOUR child. Your wonderful, lovely miracle who turned your world completely upside down (in a good way). And by making a birthday party you are creating wonderful experiences and memories for your child, that he/ she will hopefully remember with joy for the rest of their lives.

Birthday party cakeHopefully the guests will also have fun and come home with great new experiences.
Personally I believe it’s healthy for classmates to be together in another way than they are in school, to see each others homes and play together (in another way than “normal” playdates).

There’s also a lot of things to learn at a birthday party, because the kids learn about how to behave at a birthday party, they learn about each others families, their homes and the rules in different houses.
The birthday child also learns a bit about being a “host” (depending on his/ her age) and about how to treat guests.

Personally I also love to get ideas for the party and to prepare it. To sit with my daughter and figure out what she wants to do, what she wants to eat and what she wants to play.
It’s so fun to prepare and get ideas -but the best thing is to see Philomena having fun at the party, to see her laughing and playing with her guests.
That joy is worth all the effort -after all it’s her party šŸ˜‰

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