Beautiful invitations for colorful birthday parties

Is your child totally into colors and creative activities, then you could make a colorful and creative paint & color birthdayparty.

As invitation you could use a beautiful rainbow or a nice palette.

Rainbow invitation for a paint & color birthdayparty  Invitation for a color & paint party for 4-10 year old kids. The invitation looks like a palette with paint

Both invitations are ready to print out and write on.

You could write:
“Calling all artists from 2 grade
Because of my birthday I’m hosting a colorful birthday party!
We’ll eat colorful cakes, paint and dance.
So find your best painting clothes and join the colorful birthday party at xxxday from xxpm to xxpm.
Colorful greetings from xx”

Both invitations can be found here.
If you want more ideas and inspiration for the party, look here.

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