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My name is Mette, I’m 32 years old and I live with my daughter Philomena* at the end of the rainbow next to a beautiful forest in Århus, Denmark.

By education I’m a public school teacher in danish, religion, woodwork and needlework, and I also have an education in multimedia design.
I’ve also been in an internship as a research assistent, where I worked for Jørn Martin Steenhold, who is a researcher in childrens play and toys, it was really interesting!About_yaraya

All my life I have loved to be creative, so I draw, sew, paint, model, bake etc. I’m really fascinated by fairytales, stories and I think that animated movies are amazing. To be honest I’m might just be a big child trapped in an adult body.

My wish is that Yaraya will give You ideas and inspiration to activities and fun, and give you tips that can help you & your child get lovely days filled with moments of stardust.

And if you are thinking “Yaraya??? What kind of name is THAT??”, then the explanation is here 😉

*No, Philomena is not her real name, I asked her if she wanted me to use her real name or a fake one. She chose a fake name inspired by My Little Pony 🙂